The advantages of dedicated hosting

Most webhosting Companies offer shared hosting services, which are perfect for small Companies who don’t expect a lot of traffic to their websites. Shared hosting is inexpensive and this is because these websites are shared on the same server. Shared hosting is very limiting in terms of disk space and bandwidth, so if the traffic to your website is increasing at a very high rate then it’s time to upgrade to dedicated hosting.

What is dedicated hosting

Dedicated hosting is the kind of web hosting services that will offer your company the capabilities and resources of the entire server. With dedicated web hosting you will not have to share the server with anyone and this will provide you with more than enough memory and bandwidth to easily handle any kind of interaction and multimedia plus your ever increasing traffic. With dedicated hosting you can install all the applications you need without ever worrying about affecting the performance of other websites on that server.


dedicated hosting benefits

1. Reliability

Even though shared hosting is reliable, most of the time you will not be able to access the memory and bandwidth you need because other websites are using it. Even with the VPS server, the website will crash at times because it cannot access some of the resources it needs to remain online, especially when the traffic increases. But dedicated webhosting can solve these issues by offering you the entire server. This means that all the server’s resources will always go towards keeping your company’s website up & running. Your website will never go down or be temporarily unreliable because of sharing the server or increase in traffic.

2. Performance

The fact that they are reliable contributes a lot to their high performance. So whether your company’s website is really swamped with traffic daily or you and some of the people accessing the website need to upload numerous high-resolution videos, audio files and photos, this server will keep your website running quickly & efficiently.

3. Administrative access

With shared hosting, the webhosting company will never give you administrative-access to their server. This is because you are sharing the server with many other companies and individuals. This will end up limiting many things which you can do with the website. With dedicated hosting, you are given administrative/root access to the server and this will make it possible for you to install various programs while performing various custom program configurations. Administrative access will make it possible for you to monitor the usage of the server’s resources, thus making it way easier to identify any potential problem that will affect your website and correct them in time.

4. Security

Since you are the only one using the server, you are always assured of having higher degree of security. So the risk of your website being hacked at any given point is very low, which is not the case with shared hosting. To increase your security level, you can even run your very own custom-firewall to help enforce your own access-control policy.

5. Safe storage

Most companies would love to purchase their very own servers, but maintaining it safely can be really costly. This is because it takes up space, and must be stored in a climate-controlled environment which is humidity free. This is quite costly for small & medium sized firms so most of them opt to use dedicated hosting. This webhosting plan will offer you the benefits of owning your very own server without incurring the cost of having it in your office or even at home. The hosting company will store the server safely for you under the right controlled environmental conditions, thus making sure that the performance of your site is never affected.

6. Your very own IP address

Most of the shared webhosting websites share an IP address, so every website’s traffic is directed to the website by the server which examines the “host header”. With dedicated hosting you will be given your very own distinctive IP address.

One of the major advantages associated with this dedicated webhosting is that it allows you greater control over hosting and the server. This is because you are allowed root access to the server, which is not the case with shared hosting. To make sure that you use the server well, all the hosting companies offering this package have a trained technical support, which is always ready to help you in any way. These trained professional tend to respond very fast and help you resolve any issue with your website within the shortest time possible.

choosing a managed dedicated servers


Dedicated hosting service is also known as managed hosting service or dedicated server and refers to a type of internet hosting in which the customer leases the whole server that is not shared with anyone else. Generally, this type of hosting is more flexible compared to shared server since businesses or organizations have full control over the servers including hardware, choice of operating system and many others. managed or dedicated hosting also have another level that is commonly known as complex managed hosting which applies to both virtual servers, hybrid servers and physical dedicated servers.

Many companies prefer a hybrid hosting solution because it is a combination of physical and virtual server. It is always very important to choose wisely when it comes to choosing hosting for your business. Nowadays, it is absolutely crucial to create the right first impression on the internet hence there is need to have the best website ever. Therefore, dedicated server hosting is one of the best way of ensuring full accessibility to your website always. There are several benefits associated with this type of hosting.

Amongst the biggest advantage offered by this type of hosting is the fact that it provides improved security for your online activity. For instance, you can sign up with surety that all the resources on that particular server are yours hence making it far more secure compared to a server that is shared by many businesses. When dedicated hosting is combined with security patches and regular updates, it provides strong protection for your website and online files. Dedicated hosting is also more reliable compared to other types of hosting. This is simply because there is no sharing of your business bandwidth with anyone else hence your website will have access to the resources it needs always. To add on that, your host will also take care of the server management burdens for you in case you choose managed dedicated servers.

Furthermore, dedicated hosting retains the opportunity for scalability. It is important to note that when you choose a dedicated server, you can easily get additional space without necessarily migrating to a new hosting provider or server. Each and every business requires room to grow hence dedicated hosting is the best option to give you that noble opportunity with a minimum amount of fuss. Dedicate hosting also provides greater flexibility and control over hosting and server. it is worth noting that a shared server between many businesses cannot allow any of them to have full and easy access to certain features. But when your business or website is the only user of a server, you will have much greater access enabling you more and easy control over the server hence making the business to be more flexible.

Dedicated server hosting is therefore a great option for any business because of all its benefits combined. This type of hosting service maintain a higher level of performance due to the fact that it much more reliable. Therefore, it means that websites that require large amount of bandwidth for high resolution graphics and video content or those with a heavy flow of traffic can maintain a faster speed of loading compared to if they were using a server that is shared. Even though dedicated hosting may seem like a more expensive choice compared to other types of hosting, always remember that it is worth the investment in case you are looking for a hosting that is reliable with many benefits. It is essential that you shop around for the best deals because you may get that a dedicated hosting service is more affordable than thought.

When looking for a good dedicated hosting service, it is important that you always test the support and look at the reputation and experience of the hosting service provider you are opting for. Doing this will enable you comprehend whether the servers they rent for dedicated hosting are well managed and reliable. You will be dealing with one of the top web hosting companies in case the support is fast and professional. You should not rush into making your final decision as it is important that you take some time to think critically about the dedicated hosting service provider you choose and ensure that you have no doubt about it.

Why it makes sense to go with dedicated hosting when compared to other hosting methods?


For any website to exist in the internet it needs to be hosted in a web server and this process is known as web hosting. The type of hosting that you choose has a direct impact in the way your website functions and how users are able to access it. To maximize the efficiency of your website and allow your targeted audience to enjoy a seamless experience while browsing it, you should opt for dedicated hosting as it has several valuable advantages which can come handy in the longer run.

What is dedicated hosting?
Not many website owners are aware that something called dedicated hosting exists and it has the ability to speed up things while browsing. This can be attributed to the lack of knowledge that they exhibit and also primarily due to the reason that they need a cheap hosting plan which does not burn a hole in their pocket. But cheap web hosting plans are often plagued by numerous drawbacks such as lower bandwidth and increased downtimes which can severely dent your website’s image and brand value.
But that is not the case with dedicated hosting. With this type of hosting, your entire website will be hosted in a single web server which is not shared with any other websites. Hence, your website gets to use the resources of the entire server such as disk space and RAM to the best of its ability. This offers higher page load speeds and increased security for your website as you need not worry about being affected by downtime. Even if any downtime occurs, it will be only negligible as hosting companies tend to give top priority to clients who have opted for dedicated hosting and then move down the ladder. The reason behind this is that dedicated hosting plans tend to cost more in comparison to other hosting plans. But this should not be seen in negative light as you get to enjoy efficient services and a higher ROI.

Things to look out for when choosing a dedicated hosting plan
There are certain things, which you as a client, should not ignore or overlook when planning to invest your money in a dedicated hosting plan which is going to cost you anywhere between a few hundred dollars a year to thousands of dollars a year depending on the type of infrastructure you are going to need. Don’t be fooled by cheap marketing tricks and out your website’s usability at risk. The following checkpoints can be used as a guide to help you make a well-informed decision so that your money is well spent on a plan that meets your expectations.

• Round the clock customer support – This point should be on top of your list because without proper customer support, you are going to have a hard time resolving issues that you face with your server. Typically, a reputed hosting company offering dedicated hosting would have in a place a team of customer support executives working 24 X 7 who can help you at any time of the day if the need arises.

• State-of-the-art infrastructure – The infrastructure should be world class and it must come with the latest in terms of server technology. Plus, the company should have a policy in place which ensures that the infrastructure is constantly updated in order to keep up with the latest trends.

• Scalability & Flexibility – The dedicated hosting plan which you choose should be both flexible and scalable in nature and it is the responsibility of the hosting company to take care of this aspect. There is no point in paying for plan which does not allow you to scale up in future as your website gets bigger with ore features and functions.

• Cost involved – The cost involved in setting up a dedicated hosting plan for your website should be given the least priority because if it takes center stage, then other important aspects such as those mentioned above will take a backseat. But that does not mean that you should not turn a blind eye to the annual or monthly hosting fee and proceed to pay whatever the hosting company demands. If you feel that the price of the plan does justice to what it has to offer in terms of infrastructure, support and other services; you can go ahead and pay for it.